Robert's photography career started as a hobby over 25 years ago. He was shooting various outdoor and wildlife pictures in his spare time as well as taking portraits of friends and family out of his home in historic Belvidere, NJ. During this early time in his career, he began to educate himself on the art of photography and the advanced techniques used by professional photographers. He slowly added to his extensive collection of cameras and photo equipment and worked with a variety of different subjects as he developed his talents. He also worked with other local photographers and camera shops to gain more sophisticated knowledge and obtain hands-on experience with complex topics in the field of photography. As well as converting from the older print photography format to the now completely digital format.

Once Robert had acquired enough expertise in the field, he decided to open his own studio in 1984. Robert still enjoys taking a variety of photos, however he specializes in digital photography of weddings and portraits as well as product photography and photo copy-work with pre-existing print photos. Please take a look around this website
to see a sample of Robert's work and feel free to
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